Wanting is wanting, believing is having


For your little sweethearts check out this gorgeous page MILLIE&JOSIE inspired by two cutie pies, their quality handmade hair accessories, accessories ++ and now clothes are available through online orders

Love and Light

Are you a light worker?

Little Lilac you type so well

My latest purchase, an Acer Happy notebook. It is the best size for me to carry around without have to feel like i’m lugging a small person in my bag. I purchased this for a course that I am doing, and well, because of it’s sweet proportions and cheerful colours I highly recommend it! 

When walking through the ‘Valley of shadows’ remember, a shadow is cast by a light.

HK. Barclay

Cherish your visions; Cherish your ideals; Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow delightful conditions

James Allen, British author of inspirational books and poetry. 

Hope you too are having a Whimsical winter! 

Tangle Teezer, what more can I say

I picked up one of these after spending literally an hour trying to brush out my knots after a shower (I do have hair to my lower back) Since purchasing this, I haven’t once had a tangle disaster and my hair is able to stay healthy without being ripped. torn, or cut out of a brush! :) I’ll let the website do the rest of the talking, if you have knotty hair you won’t regret this little baby. 


Oh dear

I Have never owned such a cuter jumper. This one features hearts, a deer and the softest baby peach colour around… It’s available from H&M and for those lovelys in Australia, this wonderful store will soon be available to you too!

Girls, Need a rescue?

A great little book I received from my big sister. It’s for real girls like you and me who need a little lift in their spirits (or bum) I woke up this morning and had a lovely little yoga session which has left me feeling pretty good actually! Sort of like a bit of vibrancy i didn’t have before. Not too shabby!

Check out the website below to get your hands on this little remedy